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EPub checklist post-production

EPub usually gets validated using ePub check. However some times, there are chances that errors may intrude and this should not happen. Even if the error is minute, the overall eBook quality is adversely impacted. The ePub checklist mentioned below keeps you safe from such mishaps and most of the companies offering ePub conversion services carry out these checks. 




Check whether the ePub passes epubcheck-3.0b4. In case if there is any error, uploading will not happen successfully. You should do the needful corrections at the earliest without fail.  



Make sure that filling the fields of Metadata is done by abiding to the guidelines concerned. This is very important and the digital conversion companies carrying eBook conversion are well aware of this fact.


Cover Image 

After epub3 conversion, drag and drop the file to ITUNES. Assure that the cover image is being shown. If it is not displayed, it is palpable that there is an error or errors.


Front matter pages: 

Entire text of Front matter Pages must be checked properly. Scrutinize Title Page, Half Title Page as well as Copyright Page etc. It has to be assured that these pages must show defect count as zero.


Image Color Profile: 

Adobe Digital Editions must be used for checking ePub. In case if any of the images are not shown with right tagging, then it can be the Image Color Profile that is causing the problem. RGB profile must be there for the images. The issue can’t be overlooked and must be handled professionally. 


NCX view: 

Adobe Digital Editions can also be used for checking book NCX. All the sections must be linked with the accurate references. Any wrong linking can be a huge problem resulting in disappointing results.



Make a random check for cross references as well as URLs in the eBook. This helps a lot.


Two column layout:

The eBook should be checked in 2 column layout, especially for the images. In case if images flow across columns, add the undermentioned CSS property to Style sheet.



Background colors: 

Check if the text as well as background colours are there in output formats. They are to be retained without fail.



The image resolution should not exceed 20 Lac pixels mainly because of the reason that Apple never accept images if the resolution exceeds the said limit.


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