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Kindle vs. iPad: Which is the best device for eBook reading?

As digital ebook readers, Amazon Kindle and iPad both are equally popular and offer readers pleasurable reading experience. Kindle had started the trend of exclusive e-reading handheld devices whereas iPad represents multi-purpose tablet devices. Readers can tweak the devices to suit their preferences and reading style. When talking about the differences in Kindle vs iPad reading experience, you have to compare the same from the perspective of respective brands i.e. Amazon and Apple. Both devices may fulfill your love for e-reading, but a critical brainstorming would help you arrive at the one which optimally complements your sensibilities and tastes. The simple comparison of models won’t help you judge their suitability quotients. You need to understand the areas where one model has the distinctive advantage over the other or may lag in performance.


Decisive factors about both Devices


1) Dedicated reading


When you are searching for the best device for ebook reading, remember that Kindle has been exclusively designed to facilitate you to read eBooks and listen to audiobooks. It is not like a normal smart handheld device that allows you to browse websites, check emails, enjoy games or hop on to social media. Its size is like a book and the user interface black and white. If you are a bookworm, then this device is built for you. Its dedicated reading feature allows it to enjoy a host of features that may be uncommon on iPad. They have absolutely amazing battery life and e-ink screen. Just charge your Kindle once and go on a reading spree lasting for weeks. The batteries won’t simply get drained.  This is, in fact, one of the best advantages of Kindle.


2) Safeguard for eyes


iPad has an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) color screen. The light radiations coming from the display can affect your eye’s retina if you stare at it for long hours. Images on an LCD display are formed by manipulation of light sources hidden behind the colorful screen. This implies that your eyes would be adversely impacted by the glare if subjected to prolonged exposure. In contrast, Kindle display does not rely on light source for forming readable images. So, even if you are fixating on the Kindle screen for hours at a go, your eyes would not be harmed. This is a defining difference in Kindle reader vs iPad. This is the reason why Kindle is a better option for aged readers.


3) Reading Illustrations and graphics elements rich content


If you are looking for a compelling ebook reading experience for content that is rich in graphics, drawings, and graphs, then iPad definitely has an advantage over Kindle. EBooks with static text like novels can be perfectly read on Kindle. Here, only font variations would matter. However, Kindle is not adaptive to the illustration rich eBooks like textbooks or comics. Black and white display is a disadvantage for Kindle but it is compounded more by the 6 inches screen. iPad has a 10 inches screen which would make the entire page content appear in a single shot without requiring you to zoom in or out the text. Further, textbooks are often downloaded in Acrobat PDF form which doesn’t reflow. In such a case, the page of pdf would resemble a static image whose fonts cannot be modified through the settings. In order to focus on a particular section of the page, you have to zoom in. iPad by virtue of its large display definitely offers more convenience in reading such pages. Another drawback for Kindle is the e-ink screen which is not as responsive as the iPad’s touchscreen. Once you issue a touch command to Kindle, you would receive a delayed response which can eat away your time. iPad, in contrast, responds lightning fast to your touch stimulus. Among iPad vs Kindle paperwhite, the former definitely is way ahead when it comes to the faster reading of interactive content. 


4) Kid-friendly interface


Your kids have the short attention span and it is obvious that they won’t appreciate anything that fails to appeal them. They feel an attraction for colors and graphics. Kids want to feel the content and interact with it. For them, Kindle can prove to be a spoilsport. The screen is monochromatic, audio is not readily playable and needs an external attachment for being heard, and the text is monotonous. Ebook format for Kindle is in fact not made for kids. iPad, on the other hand, is more appealing to the instincts of children. For mature readers with reading as a passion, Kindle is appropriate to read serious textual contents.


5) Browsing eBook platforms

Kindle ebook store caters exclusively to the Kindle device. However, for reading other enhanced eBooks from different publishers, you would typically have to run kindle conversion using specialized software. Even after such exercise, the converted ebook may not be compatible with Kindle and it could be troublesome. This is not the case with iPad which allows seamless access to all ebook platforms. All popular and major ebook stores have dedicated apps for iPad. Prominent ebook stores are Amazon, Kobo, Nook run by Barnes & Noble, and Google. The fact is that an ebook purchased from one store is governed by its own set of unique protocols which makes conversion or migration to other ebook platforms really difficult. Although Kindle ebook havens are treasure troves of digital books and almost all titles may be available there, but still searching laboriously for a compatible title is not worth when the same title is readily available on another store.


Kindle and iPad each have their own sets of advantages and drawbacks. Most of them are discussed above. It is up to you to choose the right platform based on your needs and preferences for ultimate reading experience. 

A brief guide to choose the best PSD to HTML service providers

Competition in the industry is getting harsher with each passing day. Business firms striving to make sales through every possible online channel need to incorporate the latest technologies to get across to their goals.


First of all, you need to come up with a stunning and impeccable website. It is important to have a sophisticated responsive website that renders with HTML5 on all the devices, ensuring that the users get to your website from mobile devices, laptops, PCs and so on. PSD to HTML conversion ensures this compatibility with the devices.


Today, people spend a lot of hours online. The landscape of online marketing and search has been greatly shaped by the use of mobile devices. Customers use smartphones to purchase the products and services, as they find it more convenient. They can even make the purchases on their move. Evidently, your business should have a powerful website, that is compatible with all types of devices used by the customers. This can strengthen your sales mechanism and conversion rate. You can reach out to a company providing PSD conversion services to make your website available to the customers without any hassles or hitches.  However not all the companies are fortified enough to avail you quality outputs and hence you need to choose the best PSD to html Conversion Company after enough thought process.


Here, you will see some of the most effective tips to choose PSD to HTML conversion service providers. You should keep in mind that these experts also provide a wide range of services. So, take time and choose wisely.


Things to remember when you choose PSD to HTML conversion service providers Check out their expertise

When you reach out to a company for PSD to HTML conversion services, you should have a look on to the expertise of service providers. Typically, reputed companies have accomplished teams of developers and designers, who can incorporate your project specifications during the PSD to HTML conversion process.


You may ask the following questions to the company.

  • Do you use the latest software programs?
  • Do you have a dedicated and professional team to execute our project?
  • Can you complete the project as per our schedule?


Check out their quality of services

You would expect the company to maintain a high standard of services. When you assign the PSD to responsive HLML conversion projects to the company, you definitely need to check out the quality of their services. The following tips will help you out.


  • Ask the company to provide samples of their previous projects.
  • Make sure that the companies follow semantic coding patterns.
  • Get an idea about whether the company follows the industry guidelines, as well as the rules established by the World Wide Web in terms of originality.
  • Check out whether the websites are accessible from all types of platforms, browsers and devices.


Analysing the portfolio of the company

It is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the portfolio of the company. This will provide you the necessary information and an overall idea regarding the quality of services that the company provides. You can check out their track record and get an understanding of the type of work that the company does. You can ask the company about their work done for other clients in the past to get an idea about their quality. You should also try to figure out whether the company worked for clients that share the same niche with you.


Client feedbacks and testimonials

The testimonials and feedbacks of the clients will help you to assess the quality of services provided by the company and their professionalism. If you are willing to seek PSD to  HTML conversion services from a reliable company, these feedbacks can be of great help to you. The previous clients may have shared their experience on the website, which you can read. Get across to a company with positive feedbacks from the customers and you can stay confident. Have a look into the online review forums and Google reviews etc.


Learn about the customer service policies of the company

Reputed companies come up with effective help-desk services for their clients. Apart from executing the projects on time and turning up within the stipulated time, they also provide reliable post-production services, as needed by their clients. You should get a clear idea about the customer support infrastructure of the company. You can assess the grade of customer support in the following ways:


  • Focus on how the company answers your queries.
  • Check the means through which the company contacts you.


Confidentiality of their services

Chances are high that your work may be duplicated, and you need to ensure that the company maintains the confidentiality of your work. Professional companies never hesitate to sign a non-disclosure agreement with their clients before commencing the project. In case you find that the company is unwilling to sign the agreement, look out for other responsible service providers.


Prices of their services

Companies try to curtail their costs when they seek these services. However, make sure that you do not go for substandard grades of services. When you get across to a company providing best PSD to HTML service, you should look out for the right balance between price and quality of their services.


You should focus on these aspects when you seek website design services. This will ensure that you find the right service providers, who can deliver you quality services within the stipulated timeframe. Reach out to any of the established companies for high-quality PSD to HTML conversion services for your websites.


5 tips for use of eBooks in eLearning

Before analysing how use of eBooks in eLearning can be implemented efficiency, it is quite sensible to shed light on the basic details of eBooks. To start with, they are printable and portable as well as friendly to different platforms.  When they arrived initially, eBooks were simply the electronic versions of actual text.  The technology kept on evolving and today, eBooks are greatly immersive and exceptionally interactive. Owing to the amazing features, electronic books find applications in diverse fields these days.


Underlying are some of the best and most operative eLearning design tips and also explained are the ways in which eBooks can be used for the purpose.

Offer a wide array of formats

Learners accessing the course evidently hail from different platforms. So, you must make available eBooks in varied formats. For narrowing down the list of formats, you may take a survey among your audience. This is one of the eLearning development best practices. Scrutinize few of the best eBook converters and identify the formats they support. Also if you have to associate with third party sites, get acquainted with their guidelines.


  1. Add audios tactically

Keeping the learner immersed is pivotal. You should not simply let the learner read and understand; the same can be done with print media as well. Not everyone is creatively inclined to visualize things through his mind’s eyes. Audio in such situations can be a very valuable tool. Sound effects and audio narrations can make the learning process more engaging. E-learners are used to technologies and hence their expectations will be huge. This means that static eBooks won’t be enough.


  1. Give ideal interactivity level

Make the eBooks interactive. Incorporate everything that e-leaners normally crave for. There should be enough links, e-learning simulation, drag and drop object features and media richness etc. But make sure that the interactively level is ideal. It should never be overdone. However, before deciding the extent of interactivity that should be interspersed in the ePub eBooks, examine the tech experience, learning preferences and knowledge base of your learners.


  1. Include skill building and enhancement activities

Electronic versions have multimedia and this is a key advantage. You may add all possible eLearning aids including articles and videos. At the same time, learners should be provided the opportunity to upload their creations as per their understanding and learning. This helps in building their skills and improving those already existing. This will help you to realize the importance of eBooks in education. Also its benefits can be completely exploited only by doing so.


  1. Select typography carefully

The way texts are read depends significantly on typography. Being creative with it is not always recommended. You should understand that adding fancy typographies may be doing harm than any good. Some of the fonts are not that legible on small screens. Best companies indulged in interactive eBook conversion services are well aware of this fact.  It is always advisable to use standard fonts; you should not experiment things. 

Above tips can be really helpful for those planning to make the best use of e-learning technology for offering courses via digital platforms.


EBooks for eLearning can be accessed via a lot of platforms; e-readers to high-end smartphones can help. Thus learners find it really comfortable to get a constant access while they are stationary or on the move. Information can be accessed even when there is no connection. Thus the scope is huge and to tap the limitless possibilities associating with best eBook Conversion Company is inevitable.  


WinBiz specializes in offering stellar quality professional eBook conversion services and have immense experience in the niche of eLearning materials development. If you have any requirements, experts here can surely assist. Contact to know more. http://winbizsolutionsindia.com/contact-us/

Creative Graphic designing services | Winbizsolutionsindia
Creative Graphic designing services | Winbizsolutionsindia

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EPub checklist post-production

EPub usually gets validated using ePub check. However some times, there are chances that errors may intrude and this should not happen. Even if the error is minute, the overall eBook quality is adversely impacted. The ePub checklist mentioned below keeps you safe from such mishaps and most of the companies offering ePub conversion services carry out these checks. 




Check whether the ePub passes epubcheck-3.0b4. In case if there is any error, uploading will not happen successfully. You should do the needful corrections at the earliest without fail.  



Make sure that filling the fields of Metadata is done by abiding to the guidelines concerned. This is very important and the digital conversion companies carrying eBook conversion are well aware of this fact.


Cover Image 

After epub3 conversion, drag and drop the file to ITUNES. Assure that the cover image is being shown. If it is not displayed, it is palpable that there is an error or errors.


Front matter pages: 

Entire text of Front matter Pages must be checked properly. Scrutinize Title Page, Half Title Page as well as Copyright Page etc. It has to be assured that these pages must show defect count as zero.


Image Color Profile: 

Adobe Digital Editions must be used for checking ePub. In case if any of the images are not shown with right tagging, then it can be the Image Color Profile that is causing the problem. RGB profile must be there for the images. The issue can’t be overlooked and must be handled professionally. 


NCX view: 

Adobe Digital Editions can also be used for checking book NCX. All the sections must be linked with the accurate references. Any wrong linking can be a huge problem resulting in disappointing results.



Make a random check for cross references as well as URLs in the eBook. This helps a lot.


Two column layout:

The eBook should be checked in 2 column layout, especially for the images. In case if images flow across columns, add the undermentioned CSS property to Style sheet.



Background colors: 

Check if the text as well as background colours are there in output formats. They are to be retained without fail.



The image resolution should not exceed 20 Lac pixels mainly because of the reason that Apple never accept images if the resolution exceeds the said limit.


WinBizSolutions is an expert eBook conversion company having relevant industry experience. Backed by a fleet of really talented pool of professionals, we assure that every ePub we create is perfect and attractive to the readers. There are never any types of flaws or errors. We have a separate team that follows a strategic checklist post to its production. If any issues are detected, they are rectified at the earliest. And also read tips and benefits of creating ePub for Mobile Learning



If you want the company to be of any assistance for you, just contact the customer support team. The rates are flexible, quality is apex and turnaround time is minimum.

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